10 Reasons You Should Move to Granbury Texas

reasons to move to Granbury

Did you know that Granbury, Texas has seen a 40% increase in population since the last census? This is the highest rate of growth in the United States. What is it that makes Granbury so attractive? There are many reasons to fall in love with Granbury.

Did you know that Granbury was named USA Today's best historic small town in America for 2019, 2020, and 2021. Granbury is rich with Texas history and full of Southern hospitality. Granbury Texas offers many activities, from the thrill of the historic square to the water sports on Lake Granbury.

Reasons to move to Granbury

Granbury truly has a lot to offer both its visitors and residence. Whether you've visited Granbury before or have only heard rumors of its cool factor, here are ten reasons to permanently move to Granbury, Texas.

1. Lake Granbury

We're right on Lake Granbury, which people sometimes mistakenly think is the Brazos River. This lake, which was created in 1969, is one of three lakes created when the Brazos River was dammed. It is contained within the DeCordova Bend Dam. The Brazos River Authority manages and controls 103 miles of shoreline that surrounds this narrow, long lake.

There are many recreational and fishing opportunities at the lake. Largemouth bass, white bass and flathead catfish are all possible catches. The leg is also stocked annually with catfish and bass.

People can boat, wakeboard and waterski around the lake for recreation. There are also many recreational parks such as Hunter Park and City Park.

2. Granbury offers affordable home prices

Homes for sale in Granbury TX are affordable. There's something for everyone. Homes start at $120,000, with luxury homes in high-end neighborhoods like Pecan Plantation going up to $800,000. The average home cost is $250,000. You will find beautiful waterfront communities, gated neighborhoods and homes in the city, so it is very affordable.

If you are thinking of moving to Lake Granbury Texas, or just want more information about the area, start your search right here. We are experts in this area and can help you find the right home for you in Granbury Texas.

3. The weather in Granbury

On top of everything else, Granbury has great weather. Our cold isn’t too cold, and our hot isn’t too bad either. In the winter, we will likely see temperatures in the mid- to low 30s and in the summer in the mid- to low 90s.

Our hottest months are from June to September, with December through March being our coolest. There are so many wonderful days, and temperatures can range from 50 to 85 degrees. This is great for outdoor activities, as well as the lake.

4. Granbury is a tight-knit community

Granbury's small-town feel is one of the best things about living there. Granbury's small community means that nearly everybody knows everybody. If you get to know a few people, they'll be able to recommend activities to partake in and people to meet.

This makes it easy to connect to the wider community quickly. It's easy to meet others in the town and make friends.

Granbury town square

5. Granbury is a wonderful place to live in peace and quiet

The quiet life is something to be cherished. Granbury, as mentioned above, is a small community which is peaceful and quiet. A quick visit to Granbury might be a good idea if you've never had the chance to see it in person. There are many things here in Granbury that big cities simply can't offer, like all of the peaceful Granbury subdivisions.

6. Granbury is rich in Texas history

Granbury Texas history is extensive and interesting, even if you’re not a historian. Visit the Ghosts and Legends tour or the Hood County Jail Museum or the courthouse at the historic square. You will learn about John Wilkes Booth escaping to Granbury. Also, you can visit the Doll House Museum where over 6000 dolls are on display.

You won't want to miss the Revolver Brewing tour on Saturdays. Rhett and Ron Kessler own this microbrewery, which is among the most rapidly growing in the state. You can visit the brewery every Saturday at noon to enjoy a beer tasting or listen to the music year-round.

7. Granbury is a foodie’s paradise

Although Granbury is not as large as Fort Worth and Dallas, it has some amazing restaurants. Granbury has a variety of restaurants, including great downtown dining, wine and spirits on Lake Ontario, delicious seafood, and romantic spots.

One of my favorite places is the Local Café. Here you can bring your pet and enjoy the best grilled cheese with sweet potato fries in town.

You want to be a little more fancy? Restaurant Anise has some great fine dining options like melon with pickled milk melon and pork tenderloin as well as oxtail consomme and prosciutto-wrapped Halibut.

These are just a few of our favorite places to eat. Granbury has more than a dozen restaurants, cafes, and dessert shops.

8. Fantastic fishing opportunities

Although I know that I have already mentioned fishing, it is so vital that it deserves to be repeated twice. Lake Granbury, one of three lakes created by the dam offers many areas for a day on the lake. You can find public boat ramps and fishing platforms at five locations around Lake Granbury. To plan your chances of catching a variety of fish, you should follow the local fishing reports.

9. Convenient location

If small towns could offer the same access to things like the big cities can, many more people would choose to live in small towns. Granbury is located about an hour from Fort Worth and about two hours from Dallas.

You can still enjoy the Texas Hill Country and Lake Granbury, even though the city is only 40 miles away. It is possible to own farmland or acreage. However, you are still only an hour from major metropolitan areas. Are you a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines? Waco Texas is less than two hours away. The Magnolia Market at Silos is a great day trip for anyone who just needs a little more shiplap in their life.

Lake Granbury

10. Granbury is close to nature

Granbury is a special place. While you can be near nature in most towns across the country, I think there is something special about Granbury. Take a look at the Granbury Hike & Bike Trail and other local trails.

This concrete trail, which measures 8 feet wide, runs almost 2 1/2 miles between the Granbury Regional Airport and Shanley Park on Houston Street. It was built in 2006. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the local sights, sounds and atmosphere. The Crockett Butterfly Trail and the William Travis Nature Trail, which includes the butterfly garden, are all within a short distance of each other. Granbury is a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and connect with nature.

Granbury is a great place to live

We hope you found this article helpful. It outlines some of the greatest advantages that you can expect to enjoy after moving to Granbury. It will be a lot of work, no matter where you are moving to. You should choose a place you feel is worth the effort. Let us know if our expert Granbury Realtors can help you and your family find your dream home in our beautiful town.

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