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Bathroom Tile Designs of 2018

Popular Tile Designs of 2018


Do you have a home you’re thinking of selling? Are you an investor who buys properties and remodels them to provide better options for homebuyers? One way that you can make sure that your home is attractive to potential buyers is to add a fashionable design in the bathroom or kitchen.

Since the kitchen is more expensive to renovate, it makes more sense to upgrade the bathroom when you are planning to resell the property. We found five trending bathroom styles that you may want to consider using to boost interest and possibly spark a bidding war for your next home for sale.  

Antique Bathrooms...

Maintenance Tips Before Winter Hits

Before Winter: Home Maintenance Tips

When you own a home, you know that there is a certain amount of work that you will do during the year to keep the property in shape and safe. Whether you replace a frozen water pipe, fix a leaky roof, or replace broken siding, everything you do will help you keep the current value of your property.

Staying in your house or prepping your home to sell will not affect your maintenance schedule. We talk about six of the most critical home checks and repair tips you may want to add to your home maintenance to-do list

Check and repair your sprinkler system