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Selling Your Home FSBO - 5 Things To Prepare For

Prepare for these 5 things when selling your fsbo

It’s hard to put everything associated with selling a home into priority, as to what thing is more important than the other… they are all very important.  Selling a home is complicated and requires extensive knowledge of real estate laws, negotiation techniques, and common local sales practices.  It also requires the skill and expertise to deal with unexpected bumps and turns as the sale progresses from start to finish (and if you don’t think unexpected...

Smart Home Technology

smart home technology

Smart Home Technology

It always amazes me how quickly a new technology gets adopted and quickly becomes a necessity and expected in our daily lives. “Smart Home Technology” is one of those new things that are quickly becoming commonplace.

According to a recent survey by a nation-wide real estate franchise of US adults, 71% of home buyers now expect a home to be “move in ready”.  Of those home purchasers, 44% think that “move in ready” should include Smart Home Technology.  In addition, 57% of that group said they would consider an older home if Smart Home Technology had already been installed.

Luxury Properties

It appears that luxury home buyers are much more...

Granbury Subdivisions

Granbury Subdivisions

Granbury Tx is full of incredible subdivisions that are in the center of one of the greatest real estate markets in the country.  With many of the subdivsions within the city of Granbury haveing differnt amminities, we wanted to give a brief discription of many of the most popular neighborhoods in Granbury.

Abe's Landing

Abe's Landing started out as a privately owned ranch operation.  The old Abe's Landing homestead house still remains in the subdivision!  Story has it that Abe's Landing was the point at which people on each side of the river would meet and "Abe" would ferry them back and forth across the river.  Today, Abe's landing is on the...