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Using a Real Estate Expert To Purchase A Home

 Using a real estate expert when purchasing a home


Using a real estate expert to purchase a home

The real estate industry is once again seeing a strong boom across all of Texas. Hood County Real Estate, especially, has done quite well.  With the end of the recent fiscal crisis, there is simply more money available to invest. No truer is this then when it comes to those interested in purchasing a home in Hood County. From traditional to contemporary designs, countless homes are currently available on the market. There are an equal number of new developments and properties popping up every day. To secure timely results, however, it is imperative to work with the best real estate agents. With years of extensive industry experience, real estate experts will truly meet your needs within time and budget. They will also find the home of your dreams and achieve your desired results.  Needless to say, you will want to search for homes for sale yourself, but your REALTOR will assist in making sure you get the best deal on your new home and don't waste your time looking at properties that truly don't fit your criteria.  They can also assist with getting the perfect lender for your mortgage.

The Best Real Estate Agencies and Experts

Real estate agents have the tools and expertise to find the best homes for their clients. They also stay abreast of all the latest industry developments, and changes. This includes buying trends, along with available vacancies and listings all the way...

Granbury Listings Have Come A Long Way!

Granbury Listings Have Come a Long Way, Baby!   

Ever since the real estate world turned the corner and plunged full bore into the virtual world of home computers, cell phones and iPads, Granbury home buyers and sellers have benefitted greatly. There had been an issue about the fate of the once closely-held and jealously-guarded Secrets of the Kingdom—“the listings.” The North Texas listings are the compilation of current details about homes that are up for sale in Granbury. There is no single national clearing house for U.S. listings. They are run regionally at local and state levels. But in just about every part of the country, being in possession of the latest listings book was a necessity for real estate professionals. 

As computers and then dial-up modem connectivity put real estate offices in touch with new digital listing databases, it became possible to replace the once-a-week listing page mailings with instantly updated listings. Even the most stubbornly technology-resistant could not deny the obvious superiority of electronic listings. Next, as Internet access became more and more common, it became clear that the digitized listings could go online for clients, too …creating something new: instant public access. 

You can imagine how much resistance many in real estate’s old guard put up against that development! Historically, the only way a buyer could be sure to find out what Granbury properties were for sale had been to thumb through an agent’s listing book, or to have their Realtor® copy the relevant pages. Giving away that irreplaceable asset seemed to some to be the height of foolishness. On the other hand, the forward-looking segment...

Home Buying - Now Is Better Than Later

Buying A Home

If you have been thinking of buying a home in Texas, this is the right time to do it home values are on the rise and if you wait, you most likely will end up paying more. In addition, it is expected that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates which will make home financing more expensive in the future.   When the economy crashed a few years ago, property values plummeted across the country. Texas, on the other hand, fared relatively well.  Many people lost their homes in the process too. As the economy has improved, home values have started to rise and in Texas, all indications are that they will keep going up. That is why investing in a home now is such a good idea.

A Home is an Investment

Some people worry that investing in a home is not a very good idea... what if the real estate market tanks again? They prefer instead to invest in the stock market. Historically, the housing market has outpaced the stock market for gaining wealth.  Even when taking in the recent real estate correction, homes as an investment outperform the stock market.  There are several reasons why investing in a home is such a good idea. First, it is not easy for the property market to plummet in the near future. True, it happen in 2008 but there is industry has been more vigilant since then to make sure that it doesn't happen again. Stocks and shares, on the other hand, plummet overnight and more frequently. Look at what is happening in China right now. Once people panicked and started dumping shares because there was reduced manufacturing, it was like a chain reaction. The more people dumped their stocks the more the stock market fell, affecting markets across the world. That is how easily you can lose your investment.  Investments in real estate...

Granbury Mortgage Interest Rates

Granbury Mortgage Interest Rates

Why Granbury Mortgage Interest Rate Rises Concern Shoppers

If you begin a search for a new home by going online to check out the Hood County listings, it’s likely that one of the first search criteria you enter will be the price range. After all, unless you are a virtual looky-loo who is just checking out how the other half lives, your budget will dictate which homes you seriously consider. If you are one of the more than two-thirds of us who will be counting on a loan to help finance that home purchase, the monthly payment amount is really what matters.

That’s why you don’t have to be a dedicated number-cruncher to be keenly interested in the direction Hood County mortgage interest rates are going to head. In fact, if you aren’t one of those whose idea of a good time includes working out spreadsheet calculations, it probably came as a shock the first time you realized how big a deal it is when Granbury mortgage interest rates notch up or down even a single percentage point. If you’ve never sat down to look at the numbers, please sit down before continuing…

For a quick example, suppose you were Average American Homebuyer taking advantage of an average American home purchase just this past July. Your family income was a bit higher than the median of $55,000—say, $60,000—so if you went with the lenders’ standard rule that 28% of income is the most a housing budget should allow, that meant $1,400 would be your maximum mortgage payment.

You found a terrific buy—a brand new home at exactly the median U.S....

7002 Vista Bluff Ct. Exclusive 3D Video Tour

Elevate Realty Group has aquired the exlusive rights from Wes Ireton Photography to provide our listings with these awesome 3D Virtual Tours.  You will be amazed!  


2362 Cactus Rio, Weatherford, TX 3D Video Tour

Elevate Realty Group is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Wes Ireton Photography to offer a Hood County Exclusive to Elevate Realty Group listings 3D Virtual Tours! With this tours you can navigate around the house like you are actually in the home! No other agency in Hood County can provide this incredible product! Check our this link for our very first one for 2362 Cactus Rio Ln!


Waterfront Homes Gain Popularity

Waterfront Homes Granbury

Waterfront Homes in Granbury continue to soar in popularity. The popularty of Hood County real estate continus to rise; proven by these real estate market statistics. These beautiful abodes are nestled within tranquil and serene environments. With picturesque backdrops and captivating imagery, these homes are simply perfect for nautical enthusiast and water sport lovers. Whether located in sub-divisions or as stand alone properties, there are countless waterfront homes for sale. While some overlook man-made lakes, others are adjacent to natural lcoves and streams and are havens for tubing, rafting, swimming, fishing, and even jet skiing. If you are looking for Hood County Waterfront Homes this year, Elevate Realty Group provides a great list of waterfront properties for sale.

General Types of Waterfront Properties

There are several types of waterfront properties as well. While some have extended decks that lead out patios and lakes, others are built on stilts. These, of course, are usually synonymous with homes that are adjacent or right on the water.  It is a truly an amazing sight watching homeowners hop in their canoes or tube rafts right from the comfort of their backyards. Suffice to say, many water-based properties do not come cheap. In fact, many of them range anywhere from $255,000.00 to well over a million dollars. The water and municipality for many of these...