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Looking Back 100 Years

Architecture & Design Of Single Family Housing

Single family home ownership has been part of the American heritage for over 100 years. Prior to the early 1900s, it was not unusual to find multiple families living under one roof. But, as America began to flourish, the ability to buy a home, the need for comfort and individuality brought a host of new home designs for one family housing.  

46.5% of Americans owned their own homes in 1900. This number had risen to 53% by 1950. Today, it is estimated that nearly 63% of all Americans are homeowners. This percent when continue to rise as new real estate technology allows for more modern, efficient, and affordable homes with new ways of purchasing them. Here is a snapshot of how the architecture and design of homes has evolved in the past 100 years.  


By the beginning of the 20th century, Americans had started to create their own designs of single family housing, apart from the imported Greek, Roman and other historical styles with their rectangular shape, gabled roofs and columns. Craftsman style bungalows with large front porches, dormers and low pitched roofs that covered 1-1 1/2 stories.

Simple bungalows lacked the exterior exposed wood and were not as defined in detail, but became popular as low-cost quality housing.   There were still plenty of Victorian homes going up, mostly in southern states. Areas like Savannah, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama were still being built, but...

Blockchain: Coming Soon To Real Estate

Coming Soon to Real Estate Near You: Blockchain!

Blockchain technology is one of the hottest topics in the business world today. While many consumers are familiar with cryptocurrency, they may be less familiar with blockchain's other applications. As a distributed, secure, and open ledger, blockchain can change the way we do business in any industry. Blockchain has several features that make it a particularly strong fit for the real estate industry, especially regarding title examination and recording.


When you buy a home, your Realtor will work with a title company to ensure that you receive a clear title. The first step in this is a title examination. The title company will search the county Recorder of Deeds' records for records pertinent to the property you're purchasing. They will verify that the current owner has a clear title, and will identify any existing liens (such as mortgages, HOA dues, or property taxes) that need to be satisfied before a clear title can be transferred to the new owner, as well as identifying rights of third parties to the property (such as easements for utility lines). This is a time-consuming process, with a large potential for costly errors. The records are often incorrectly indexed, and often require use of a patchwork of various databases. Documents can go missing or copies can be destroyed. Fraud is a common problem; the FBI has referred to mortgage fraud as one of the fastest growing sectors of white collar crime. Real estate technology, particularly in the area of title examination, has certainly come a long way in the information age, but ultimately, real property records are maintained the same way today as they were in the colonial era.