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About to Retire? Invest in Texas Real Estate

texas real estate

Invest in Texas Real Estate FOR RETIREMENT

If you are just about to retire, you should consider buying Texas Real Estate. Texas has many offerings for the retiree.  In fact, more and more retirees are leaving cities all over America for Texas so that they can live their sunset years there. But why is this?

Texas Does Not Tax Pensions

The first and most important reason is that Texas does not tax pensions and retirement benefits. In effect, you can spend every last dollar on yourself without worrying that the taxman will come after you. In addition to that, pensions and benefits tend to run for longer, something which does not happen in many other American states. Many seniors tend to run out of money before they run out of life, and Texas gives you the ability to keep more of your money.

Texas Has Invested In Texas

The state has invested in a lot of infrastructure to make things easier for everyone. Retirees also like the fact that buying a home in Texas means they will never be far from good hospitals. Medical care is essential depending on how well you have taken care of your health. If you didn't do a very good job, it is likely that you will need good doctors and Texas has enough of them. Most hospitals are state of the art and equipped with all the necessary equipment.

Texas Real Estate

Real estate is...

Hood County Real Estate Watchers Piece Together Week's News

Real Estate Watchers in Hood County

Last week was a head-swiveling version of a follow-the-dots puzzle for those who keep tabs national news related to on Granbury real estate. Children like following the numbered dots to reveal a picture. You can’t be sure what it will turn out to look like until the end. The week was a lot like that:

 Monday led off with the release of housing-builder sentiment: its best reading in 10 years! It was given credit for reversing an early-day 100+ point stock market drop. When the Dow closed up 68 points for the day, real estate performance got the kudos.

Monday’s dot connected to the next one, which appeared as USA Today’s early Tuesday dispatch pointing out that the previous day’s market rescue was hardly a flash in the pan. The Money section’s lead story, “Housing Provides Much-Needed Lift to Wall Street” drew a broader picture. In a ho-hum year for the broader stock market, housing-related stocks were uniformly “among the best-performing shares.” The S&P 500 may have been up less than 2% for the year, but homebuilders’ shares were up 13%; home-improvement retailers, 11.1%; home furnishings stocks, a blistering 26.1%! The reason was “the power of the resurgent real estate market to generate positive action in the stock market.”

Then, on Wednesday, CoreLogic provided the next dot with its release of the August MarketPulse roundup, pointing to a 6.5% increase in its national home price index. This was the logical next dot—one that was hardly unexpected. The predicted continuation of price increases was again explained by lean inventories, continuing low mortgage rates, and consumer confidence rated “the most optimistic in eight...

Bentwater Beauty in Granbury

Vista views and city lights are found in this immaculate custom one owner 3-2-2 with study in Bentwater! Large windows open the living and dining to the outdoors while the custom wood floors ground the space. Upgraded granite counters are featured in the cooks kitchen with gas cooktop, massive island and ss appliances. Master suite has a spa tub, separate vanities and huge closet. Custom landscaping, oversized garage and full stairs to the attic!


Build or Buy In Granbury?

Getting a Handle on Building Your Own New Granbury Home


If you are considering buying a new home in Granbury, it might have occurred to you that building your own could be another option. Even if you aren’t one who has always dreamed of designing your own new home with exactly the features you want (and none you don’t), the idea might seem worth exploring—particularly when the reasonable asking prices for some of today’s Granbury “land-only” listings make for tempting daydreaming…

The fact is, few have actually mapped out the cost of building their own Granbury new home, for a number of reasons. The most obvious one is that to project anything like an accurate cost, you would have to know its features—in other words, design it (or have it designed). But, short of hiring an architect, you can begin to appraise some of the major cost considerations that factor in when building a new home. A few:

  • • Once you have selected a Granbury contractor, you will find yourself asking him for his estimate of today’s average price per square foot. That will only be useful for a ballpark estimate (certainly not for creating the final budget). It’s simply the case that the details will determine the final square footage cost average. Kitchens, for example, as well as bathrooms, are usually the most expensive rooms in the house, so if you have more bathrooms or a larger (or smaller) kitchen, your total cost will shift accordingly. There are other variables as well: it usually costs less to build a two-story home than a single-story one with the same square footage due to the smaller roof and foundation.
  • ...

Wineries in Granbury, TX

Granbury's Wine Walk held in late April, has brought renewed interest in the wineries near Granbury.  Barking Rocks Winery north of Granbury is a favorite of visitors to Granbury.  They offer a variety of activities including wine tasting of course.  Bluff Dale Vineyards west of Granbury offers interesting events as well.  D'Vine Wine on the Historic Granbury Square can provide you with a sample of wine and give you the information you need to enjoy the wineries near Granbury.  Check it out!

For information about Real Estate in Granbury and Hood County, give me a call, James 817-578-9425.


4717 Ricky Ranch Sold By Elevate Realty Group

Another quality Elevate Realty Group listing has been sold!  Congratulations to Gavin Trussell, Realtor, Buyers Agent with Elevate Realty Group for selling 4717 Ricky Ranch Rd!  Call us today to see the results! List to sold in 64 days!  817-736-5757


Kitchen Color Choices!

Thinking about redesigning your kitchen? Take a look at these little-known facts before choosing a new paint color.

colors that influence eating habits


Massive Price Reduction! Waterfront Home In Granbury Texas!

Check out this incredible mainbody waterfront view! This awesome one owner Boggs and Whitecotton home is located on Lake Granbury and features a double boat dock, huge St Augustine covered yard and plenty of room for family and friends.  Take a look at the massive $20K price reduction!

Click here for full details about this property.


Price Reduction! 225 W Moore St. Granbury Texas

This wonderful large family home has just been reduced by $10K!  Very near the historic downtown square in Granbury,TX this awesome property has been a B&B previously and could easily be returned to B&B use!  Check out the full HD photos at:


Granbury Home Buying and FICO Scores

Granbury Home Loan Applicants Delve into FICO Mysteries

When anyone is in the early stages of finding a Granbury house to buy, unless they are planning to pay for it with cash, a large part of what eventually happens will be determined by the home loan they secure. Both the size of the home loan and its interest rate are negotiable, but in almost all cases, the applicant’s part of the “negotiation” consists of comparing offers from various Granbury home loan providers. 

So unless you are The Donald (or can supply your own wheelbarrow full of cash), Granbury’s mortgage companies will have a large say about what they think you can afford for your next home. Even though they represent totally different entities, their decisions tend to be awfully similar. The reason for that is that they all work from similar information: your assets, your current ability to generate cash— and your FICO score.

If you have ever suspected there is some kind of mysterious secret formula involved in coming up with that last, your suspicion was valid. But your FICO score isn’t a total mystery—some parts of their formula have been (however grudgingly) made public. Since the system is so pervasive, it’s good to know as much about it as you can. 

To begin with “FICO” is just a company name. Back in the 50s, Bill Fair and Earl Isaac got together and engineered a credit scoring system, and so Fair Isaac Company was in business. Once Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac began to use them, it became a very good business. Now all the major consumer reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion—even PRBC and Innovis) use them. As to how they come up with their all-important scores, FICO has...

Decor & More

During your visit to Granbury, TX, be sure to walk the Historic Granbury Square.  You will find many unique shops and products located in the historic buildings around the courthouse.  On your tour of the Square be sure to stop by Decor and More inside Artefactz on the west side of the Square. 



Welcome To The New Elevate Realty Group

The Elevate Realty Group Team would like to announce the newest edition to our online family!  The All New Elevate Realty Group Site!  This new site brings state of the art functionality to your real estate searches.  The is new Elevate Realty Group site joins our current staple site and brings the world class search functions that you deserve!  

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