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How To Mess Up Getting Your Dream Home

How easy it is to Mess Up Getting Your Dream Home

If you are like many homebuyers, you will fall in love with at least one home.  You will know it as soon as you cross the threshold...this is the one for you.  Sometimes, specific actions that a buyer does can substantially hurt your ability to actually close on the home of your dreams.

Lowballing a First Offer

Many homebuyers and even some investors, think it’s a good idea to start the bidding process with a low-ball offer.  I have heard hundreds of reasons buyers think that starting with an offer 30% below the asking price is a great idea.  Let me tell you that almost NEVER works out to your advantage and can keep you from getting the home you really want.  I have heard buyers say, “You can’t go down, but you can go up” or “you never know unless you ask”.  Both of those are true in the statement itself, but works very poorly in the negotiation of a home.  Don’t get me wrong, if the home is substantially overpriced; then yes… give an offer that is reasonable for the current market.  Selling a home is an emotional event.  People have lived their life in the home that they are selling.  They may have raised their children there.  They may have watched their child take their first steps in that living room.   If you offer an insultingly low offer, most sellers will become personally offended.  Once they have become offended, they don’t like the idea of you being the person that will use their shower every day.  Yes, I know…you will own the house and they will get their money, but these things matter to a lot of people and many people are less likely to WANT you to buy their home.  If you...

Down Payment Assistance For Granbury Homebuyers

Get Downpayment Assistance For Your Next Granbury Home Purchase

The SETH 5 Star Texas Advantage Program is designed to help homebuyers with down payment and closing costs when purchasing a home in Granbury Tx.  This program provides up to six percent (6%) of the loan amount for use as a down payment or for assistance with closing costs.  All mortgages are fixed rate, 30 year mortgages.  All homebuyers that would like to take advantage of the downpayment assistance must live in the home and occupy it as thier personal residence. This program may be combined with other local down payment asssitance and mortgage credit certificate (MCC) programs.

Some of the features and stipulations of the new hombuyers program are:

  • No "first time homebuyer" requirement
  • No repayment expected for any assistance recieved by by the SETH program
  • Maximum sales price of the home cannot exceed FHA  maximum of $274,050
  • Exclusions for the program are: El Paso, Grand Prairie, McKinney and Travis County.
  • All homebuyers must meet income requirements, determined by the location of the home.  

How it Works

  • FHA Option 1 offers a 6% Grant - $150,000 X 6% = $9,000 worth of down payment assistance...

Granbury Real Estate Statistics for June

Granbury Real Estate Statistics for June

Real Estate Statistics give a tremendous amount of insight on strength of the local market.  There are many ways to look at and derive real estate statistics, so it can be challenging to compare market research that is derived by different people.  At Elevate Realty Group, we review Granbury market statistics each month in the same manner so we can easily provide accurate insight on the current state of Granbury Real Estate.  For additional information on real estate statistics, read our article here.

Active Inventory: 

Active inventory is simply the total count of active homes for sale in Granbury.  When housing inventory drops, that generally shows an increase in demand for homes and indicates moving towards a “sellers market”.    Current Active Inventory is DOWN in Granbury 16 percent from the same time last year and 2 percent from the previous month.  Generally, year over year statistics provide the best insight because of the cyclical nature of real estate sales.

Median Listing Price:

The median listing price looks at all homes currently listed and finds the center price point.  This is generally a better metric than average list price because if a very expensive home gets listed (or some very inexpensive homes) it can skew the statistic dramatically.  The median sales price for ...