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Pricing Your Home To Sell

pricing your home to sell fast

Pricing your Granbury home to sell fast and for the most money is not an easy task.  Time and time again, we see home sellers taking the wrong route.  We will lay out our proven process for pricing your home to sell fast.

Do Research

The first step in getting your home sold fast is doing research.  The best, most accurate place to get research done is by accessing the MLS or Multiple Listing Service.  This is the database of all active and sold homes and is the same database that real estate agents and appraisers use. Although many local real estate broker websites can provide the active homes for sale, they won’t show you the recently sold properties.  You will need to contact a real estate agent to gain access to the recently sold "comps" or comparable properties.  DO NOT rely on Zillow or any other website for accurate sold data.

Active Homes For Sale

Current active homes for sale that are in your neighborhood or in your general price range are an important factor in pricing your home.  Although the active homes for sale are important, it may be for a different reason than you are thinking.  These properties are NOT what you use to base your home's price; these are the homes that are your competition.  It’s important to understand what you will be up against. ...

Never Buy A Home Without A Professional Home Inspection

professional home inspection 

Purchasing a home is a huge investment.  Making sure that what you purchase is in the condition you expect is an important part of the home buying process.

In my younger days, I always seemed to be broke.  Every time I bought a used car, I always ended up getting  a raw deal, overpaying for a car that inevitably ended up having problems that emerged after the purchase.  This is partially what lead to my lifelong disdain for used car salesmen (I say that because I’ve never bought a car from a saleswoman.  Just coincidence, I guess).  It wasn’t until I was older that I understood the importance of having a used car inspected by a mechanic before buying.  Now, a car is a pretty important purchase.  You’re going to spend a lot of time driving it, and if it breaks down somewhere, you’re going to be pretty unhappy.  So knowing what I know about having important purchases inspected before buying, I’m amazed how many times I hear about home buyers who buy a home without having a professional inspection.  

Getting Your New Home Inspected

Why should you have your home inspected?  Well, on the surface, that sounds like a silly question, at least to me as a REALTOR.  It stands to reason that just about anyone who is making one of the biggest purchases of their life would recognize the importance of spending a few extra bucks to make sure the home they’re buying is safe and free of problems and costly repairs.  But it happens all the time.  There is a amazing host of hidden problems that a home can have, most of which can easily slip past the...

The Water of Granbury Tx

water of granbury

With all of the waterfront homes and beautiful Lake Granbury, Granbury relies heavily on water for its overall economy.  Granbuy real estate is tightly intertwined with with water and the lake makes up a large portion of our lifestyle.

With all of the talk about the situation in Flint MI, where the drinking water appears to be contaminated with lead, the Granbury drinking water goes through a vigorous process to be purified before being distributed to the community for everyday use. 

Granbury's Water Purification

The city of Granbury Tx public works division is responsible for the purification and distribution of the water supply for Granbury.  The program for waist water treatment is officially refereed to as:

The purpose and function of the Wastewater Treatment Department is to receive and treat the spent water from a community containing the wastes from domestic, industrial, or commercial use, as well as the surface water runoff and...

Buying Waterfront Property

Buying Property on Waterfront

waterfront properties

You may be able to upgrade and improve your house, but it’s unlikely you can upgrade or improve its location.  This is one of the main reasons that waterfront property is so expensive.  Everyone knows the old saying, “Location, location, location”; but when it comes to waterfront property, location almost the only thing that matters.  Althogh you will almost always pay a premium for a waterfront home, Lake Granbury homes are more affordable than most.