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Pricing Your Home To Sell

pricing your home to sell fast

Pricing your Granbury home to sell fast and for the most money is not an easy task.  Time and time again, we see home sellers taking the wrong route.  We will lay out our proven process for pricing your home to sell fast.

Do Research

The first step in getting your home sold fast is doing research.  The best, most accurate place to get research done is by accessing the MLS or Multiple Listing Service.  This is the database of all active and sold homes and is the same database that real estate agents and appraisers use. Although many local real estate broker websites can provide the ...

Never Buy A Home Without A Professional Home Inspection

professional home inspection 

Purchasing a home is a huge investment.  Making sure that what you purchase is in the condition you expect is an important part of the home buying process.

In my younger days, I always seemed to be broke.  Every time I bought a used car, I always ended up getting  a raw deal, overpaying for a car that inevitably ended up having problems that emerged after the purchase.  This is partially what lead to my lifelong disdain for used car salesmen (I say that because I’ve never bought a car from a saleswoman.  Just coincidence, I guess).  It wasn’t until I was older that I understood the importance of having a used car inspected by a mechanic before buying.  Now,...