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10 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal

Adding Curb Appeal

According to Realtor, homes for sale in Granbury TX are averaging a median listing price of just over $240,000 for a single family home. To make sure that you get as much as you can out of your listing, we recommend beautifying your yard and upgrading the design to give your home a charming style and welcome feel. Visitors to your open house will appreciate a fresh design that invites them inside. Many of the tips cost less than a hundred dollars too!

New house numbers

You want to go big and eye-catching with your new address, says Houzz. You can use a wide range of media to find a design that matches the style of your house. For instance, industrial items like metal pipes and copper numbers work great for a modern home where hand-carved numbers with a nice coat of paint or stain would be better for a cottage or ranch style home.

Plant a shade tree

DIY says that planting a tree or two is a fast way to make your home look stunning. A large tree is an excellent source of shade in the summer months helping to keep your home cool. Consider planting two trees to create a symmetric design or to frame your home.

Paint, paint, and paint

While you are updating your home...