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Searching Homes For Sale Like a Boss



Many people think that searching for homes for sale is as easy as putting in a city, a price range and hitting search.  Although that is what is it is supposed to be….there is an art to finding the right property online.  These simple tricks will help you in searching for homes for sale online.


5 Tips For Purchasing A Vacation Home


With the strength of real estate in Granbury, it's a perfect time to buy a vacation home or investment property.  A vacation home doesn't need to sit dormant until you personally use it.  In many instances, a vacation home can generate some income to offset the investment which can provide cash flow while your long term investment matures. Real estate has historically been a sound financial move.  Over the long term, real estate investments outpace the stock market for generating wealth.  With that being said, purchasing a vacation home that you can enjoy seems to be a much better solution for long term investments than other investments.  Being able to enjoy waterfront views and other luxuries as your investment grows is just an added benefit.

The Steps in Buying a Vaction Home

  1. Have a plan.  Figure out if you will be renting your vacation home out for parts of the year in an effort to offset some of the costs.  Will you do daily rentals on the property such as AirBnB?  If it is a waterfront home, what extra maintenance will be needed?  Will a boat be on premises?  Will potential tenants be able to use the boat?   How...

7 Tips For Buying a Home In a Sellers Market

buying a home in granbury tx


If you are contemplating buying a home in Granbury this year, we thought it would be helpful to provide some tips on buying the home of your dreams in a sellers market.  In Spring, we usually see the real estate market take off.  With the tremendous increase in popularity of Homes for Sale in Granbury Tx, these tips can be extra helpful in buying the home of your dreams.  

Granbury real estate has seen tremendous growth in recent years.  With the level of inventory in Granbury decreasing 33% percent in the last 12 months, getting the perfect home can become frustrating. Some of the most desirable homes in Granbury will only be on the market for hours...not weeks or months as in other less desirable real estate markets.  Keeping these tips in mind will save you some frustration in purchasing your next home in Granbury.

Get Financing Lined Up

Even if you know that you have the best credit in the world, its important to speak with a lender before officially starting your home search.  If its been...

Granbury Real Estate Statistics

Granbury real estate market statistics

The housing market is good all over the country but we have a shining star, even by nation-wide standards right here in our backyard of Granbury.  

Granbury Tx Real Estate has been on fire for the last couple of years.  We have seen extraordinary growth in commercial real estate as well as homes for sale in Granbury Tx.  The strong economy coupled with the outstanding school systems and historicly low interest rates have created a perfect storm for the residents of Granbury Tx.  Whether you are a current homeowner or looking to buy a house in Grandbury, these statistics directly affect your long term wealth as when the real estate market is this good...everyone wins.

Granbury Tx Real Estate Statistics

Home Sales have increased in Granbury year over year by over 49%.  That is an outstanding number!  We have derived this statistic directly from the MLS and it compairs the number of single family homes in Granbury sold in January of 2015 to January of 2016.  The total number of sales in Jan of 2015 was 51 and for Jan of 2016 it rose to a whopping 76 which is an increase of 49.02%.

Residential Sales Volume of Single Family Homes Increased over 60% in the last 12 months. This is another outstanding number.  With the increase in the number of home sales we expected the sales volume to go up substantially but the volume outpaced the unit increases.  What that means is that not only...