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The Most Profitable Types Of Commercial Real Estate Investments

The Most Profitable Types Of Commercial Real Estate Investments

Investments In Commercial Real Estate

Although the idea of investing, in general, has been a popular trend among the majority of individuals lately, one specific sector has become increasingly popular for a number of reasons; commercial real estate.

Commercial properties are different from residential subdivision properties, as the term commercial refers to land for sale or buildings intended to generate a profit for an investor or owner. There are two ways in which commercial estate can generate profit, either through capital gain or rental income.

Some examples of commercial properties include hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, retail stores, medical offices, warehouses, multi-family housing buildings, garages, and even farmland. Essentially, commercial properties are exclusively for business-related purposes where they provide a workspace rather than a space to live.

As an investor or an owner of a commercial building, you are provided with numerous advantages that other sectors of the industry simply do not have.  

Longer Leasing Terms

As the investor,...

The Role Of Blockchain In The Real Estate Industry

The Role Of Blockchain In The Real Estate Industry

Blockchain Technology In The Real Estate Industry

Over the last few years, there has been talks about cryptocurrency in both mainstream media and on social platforms. You are likely to have heard of terms such as bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, ripple, and ethereum, among others.

You might have been wondering what they are talking about and what it has to do with real estate. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more commonly used around the world today.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is used to facilitate transactions from one person to another online. One can purchase goods or services using bitcoin while the seller can accept another cryptocurrency such as litecoin for the services or products offered.

What makes this digital currency unique is that it is not controlled by fiscal policies implemented by the government and major banks in the country. However, the currency is gaining attention from regulatory bodies due to its increased popularity and lack of regulation worldwide.

Cryptocurrencies are limited in supply which makes them have skyrocketing value when compared to the common currency. Users develop a private key to authorize transactions. Bitcoins are generated through cryptocurrency mining, which is the name given for the process of validating crypto-transactions, and they adopt blockchain technology to assist in record-keeping.

Blockchain public ledger is a platform that records all the transactions in different computers and cannot be altered or manipulated.

The Relationship...