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The Texas Real Estate Market

TExan Real Estate Market

Everything really is bigger in Texas—including the real estate market. With record high family home sales in 2015 (nearing 100,000 home sold), and the expectation of even more growth in 2016, Texas seems to be the place to buy a home, despite the lowering oil prices, the real estate market is strong. With the Texas economy booming, and the Dallas-Forth Worth area ranked among the best places to find jobs and one of the strongest real estate markets in the country, it’s no wonder why people are settling down in the Lone Star State.

Suburbian Texas Has A Strong Real Estate Market

A lot of people want easy access to the big city, without having to deal with actually living within the city. Nestled just a few miles south west of...

Whats the Difference Between a REALTOR & Real Estate Agent?

Whats the Difference Between a REALTOR & Real Estate Agent?

Most people are not aware that there is a difference between REALTORS and a Real Estate Agent. What exactly are the differences?

Real Estate Agent vs REALTOR

Before you can sell Real Estate you must be licensed in the state that you work in; as a real estate agent. Many real estate agents are also REALTORS.  Although, both are licensed to sell real estate the difference is that a REALTOR is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the nations largest professional trade association. With paying...

Real Estate Statistics Explained

real estate market statistics

Statistics for 2016 Real Estate

Real Estate is one of those industries that are very closely measured, similar to the stock market.  Home values are constantly in flux based off of the continuous variations in supply and demand.  Although the supply of homes for sale and the level of the demand for those homes are the drivers of real estate values, there are many real estate market statistics that measure a multitude of aspects of real estate.


Real Estate Expectations for 2016

2016 Real Estate Expectations

2016 expectations for real estate include higher interest rates, more online property shopping, fewer users of online home pricing tools, record years for some markets, and a continuous market growth if government relaxes real estate rules and if property values continuously increase.

Interest rates should increase slightly

California-based realty research group, RealtyTrac, vice president, Daren Blomquist said, "Affordability is going to be a much bigger hindrance going into 2016." The Federal Reserve anticipated a rise in interest rates as the economy is finally producing jobs. The increase in interest rates will also...