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What Are Closing Costs?

In most real estate transactions, people are very aware of what they are being charged and have made some preparations for those moneys that are coming out.  For example, sellers fully understand that they will have to pay off their mortgage and any other liens on the property.  There is almost always some commission paid to both the real estate broker representing the buyer and commission that is paid to the broker representing person buying the homeClosing costs, on the other hand are usually a black box of charges that pop up a day or so before the closing on the property. We will seek to enlighten you on what some of those “black box” charges are.  Lets get into explaining ...

The Relationship Between Home Prices and Time

The connection between time and home Pricing

It is quite common that when someone is selling a home, they want to list their home at substantially more than open market prices.  This happens for many reasons such as a ridiculous home valuation from a website such a Zillow, looking at “active” properties and pricing their home from there, possibly another agent gave an inaccurate value, even sometimes an old appraisal.  Many real estate agents have trouble...

4 Reasons 2016 is the Year To Buy A Home

buying a home in 2016

2016 is the Year To Buy Your Home And Here Is Why

Buying a home is big decision.  For most people, it is the largest single investment of their life.  With the recent roller-coaster ride it’s easy to understand why some people may be leery of taking the plunge into home ownership.  If you have been renting a home and sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right time to buy a home, it looks like 2016 is your time. To explain why 2016 is the year to buy a home, first we need to understand what makes the 2016 real estate market different.  Real...

Staging Your Home For Sale

tips for Staging Your home for sale

In our ongoing set of real estate articles on selling a home, we will cover one of the most fashionable tips to getting your home sold.  Home sellers and listing agents have known for decades that sprucing up your home to look its absolute best can be a powerful influence in getting a home sold.    

Home Staging became very popular after the most recent real estate crash when homes were staying on the market longer and we had fewer buyers.  Aggressive real estate agents were looking for things to make their properties that were for sale stand out…and so professional home staging was born.  Although many home sellers will clean up the home or even give the home a fresh cote of paint,...