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Secret Staging Tips

Secret Staging Tips

Secret Staging Tips Buyers Will Love

Do you want all the people who come to the open house to feel like your space is the right size for his or her family? Of course, you do. Knowing the best ways to stage the most popular room for gathering and having long conversations can help you get top bids for your homes for sale.

Center your seating area in the room

Sofas and chairs do not have to sit along the wall. While open floor space is excellent for opening up a room, it is not always functional for times when your family wants to have a talk, divvy up chores, or play a board game. By putting couches, chairs, and loveseats in the middle, you can use a rug, decorations, and multi-purpose furniture to keep travel paths open.

Use symmetrical designs

Better Homes and Gardens says using pairs of items makes your room have a sense of organization. To accomplish this task, it works well when you pick a focal point.

Face furniture towards similar pieces to create a natural conversation zone. Then, use matching tables, decorations, and curtains to balance the design.

Use items with backs and seats only

Forbes says that tight spaces are easy to open up with couches and chairs with no arms. Picking furniture that is open gives larger families the room to climb over each other to get to a favorite spot, tickle younger members, or find room to stretch out during a long movie. Using these styles can make any room look and feel welcome at the showing.


6 Tips For Home Buyers

real estate buying tips

6 Home Buying Tips for This Real Estate Market

While the prospect of becoming a homeowner is exciting, navigating the current real estate market can be challenging. Even if you have purchased a home in the past, changes in the market quickly come and go. What may have worked in the past may not work in today's market. .

While the increase in home sales may seem promising for housing market investors, the news may not be quite as ideal for prospective buyers with modest means. With homes becoming harder and harder to find due to the booming sellers' market, the already difficult home-buying experience may be getting more demanding. However, that does not mean you should give up on your dream of owning a home. Stay ahead of the curve with the following tips about purchasing a new home in this real estate market.

Find a Trustworthy Real Estate agent

You do not have to go through the purchasing process on your own. An experienced real estate agent...

Has Real Estate Blogging Gone Too Far?

Has Real Estate Blogging Gone Too Far?

Blogging in Real estate

The real estate game has shifted and morphed over the years, heated and always moving. The unpredictability of the game can be largely attributed to the technological leaps and bounds achieved in the last few decades.

These days, anyone that wishes to have a voice can get their word out with a few strokes of the keyboard and a click of the mouse. In 2018, information is plentiful and readily available. Unfortunately, it would appear that the surge in quantity has allow the writing quality as a whole to languish.

Saturation in real estate blogging has become a real problem, to the point that its long term effects have been felt in the market at large.



The saturation in the real estate blogging market is partially in part due to the fact that anyone and everyone can stick their digital foot in the door of this fine establishment. While it is great to know that accessibility is on the rise for this growing institution, it is an unfortunate fact that more and more articles written by people have little to no understanding of the intricacies of the field.


As a further example of the consequences of the internet and online sphere being such a double-edged sword, there has been a disturbing lack of fact-checking and conformity to facts....