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The Texas Real Estate Boom

texas real estate boomThe big Texas Real Estate Boom

Real Estate Works in Cycles

Real Estate works in cycles.  Every year, real estate sales (by unit) fluctuate in a pretty predictable fashion.  On a larger scale, you would have had to be under a rock to not bear witness to the real estate boom and subsequent crash that hit the US in 2008.  In the grand scheme of things, these all show how real estate works in cycles.  One real estate market that is breaking the predetermined trend is the incredible home sales taking place in Texas.

Real Estate Investors Flock to Texas

Interest rates are still at historic lows.  With our economy getting better and people making money again, many investors are looking to put their money in something that produces a better return than can be achieved in a bank.  Real Estate has always been looked at as a great long term investment.  Investors are not looking to just buy a home.  They want to buy a home in a booming real estate market so they can make a better return.  Texas has proven to be one of those markets.  For instance, some of the best economists from around anticipate that Wako will be the hottest real estate market in the United States in 2016.  Also in the top 10 you will find the greater Dallas area.  Although Houston is not on the top ten list, it continues to have an extremely good market.  Although only a population of about 10,000 Granbury Tx Real Estate is booming to new heights too. 

International Investors Come to the US


Using Technology To Sell Real Estate – Lockboxes

real estate technology

Using modern Technology To Sell Real Estate

Real Estate has historically been behind on the technology curve compared to most industries.  Very few real estate brokers take advantage of technology to make the buying or selling of a home easier.  Elevate Group is one of those brokers that leverage technology for the benefit of their clients.  Today, we will cover the use of electronic lockboxes.

Access To A Listed Home

For almost 100 years, when a home is listed for sale, the listing agent was required to be available to “show” that home to any potential buyer.  Recently, more advanced real estate brokers have streamlined that process to make accessing the home for sale easier.   Electronic Lockboxes have come into use for that exact purpose.  Now, if someone wants to view a home that is for sale, they can use their real estate agent of choice to access the home at their convenience.   Although at first glance, this may appear to not be “secure”, but the use of electronic lockboxes has proven to be not only convenient but an extremely safe way to get homes sold.

What Was The Problem?

The challenge with the way real estate homes for sale were shown before the use of lockboxes required that the listing agent either be available for the showing or in some instances they would leave a key for the showing agent to pick up.  The challenge with that process is when...

Why Use a Real Estate Brokers Website To Search For Homes For Sale?

real estate search

SEARCH REAL ESTATE on a Real Estate Broker Website

Searching real estate listings on line has become quite mainstream in the process of buying a home.  One of the first things any potential home buyer does is go to a website and start searching.  The discussion today will discuss the differences of what website you use to search for homes for sale makes a big difference.

3Rd Party Real Estate Websites

search homes for saleThere are hundreds; maybe thousands of real estate websites that let you search real estate listings on line.  There are also different TYPES of real estate websites

As for internet traffic, the most visited of real estate search sites is Zillow, followed by Trulia (which is also owned by Zillow) and the third most trafficked website to search real estate listings is Yahoo Homes – which is powered by…guess who… YEP, you guessed it ZILLOW.  

Many people use Zillow because they feel if they go to a 3rd Party website, as opposed directly to a local real estate broker website, they...

Credit DONT'S When Getting A Mortgage

Credit DONT’S When Buying a Home

Most people obtain a mortgage when buying a home.   Many people get caught up in the search for properties and give little thought to the mortgage processes as they know they have good credit and feel that wont be any problem.  It’s a great thing that you have valued your credit rating and know that you are in good standing to purchase a house, but obtaining a mortgage can sometimes still throw you a curveball at the most inopportune time. 

Obtaining a Mortgage Is Not Easy

Even with an outstanding credit history, the days of simply filling out a couple forms and getting a mortgage on your new home are long gone.  Since the credit bubble and subsequent crash, some have said “the only way to get a home mortgage is to prove you don’t need one”.   That is being a little facetious, but holds true on many levels.  Its important to start the mortgage process early in the home purchase process as it will most likely take longer than you expect.  The average closing is “extended” 1.5 times because of obtaining the mortgage.   Even with an outstanding credit rating, you will be asked for a multitude of documents, some that seem a little crazy, by your loan originator. 

Be ready to deliver even the most ridiculous of documents in a very timely manner to not delay your closing.  Even with the greatest of credit scores, there are still some things that should be avoided as they can substantially disrupt the mortgage process. The ...