9 Easy DIY Bathroom Updates

DIY bathroom updates

With a few quick DIYs, you can create the feel and look of a brand new bathroom. Bathroom remodeling costs may be as high as $30,000 or more, but homeowners can get dramatic results for much less and in just one day. Whether you are just buying a home, or you moved in some time ago, this guide gives you DIY ideas for quickly transforming your bathroom.

Bathroom remodel vs update

Bathroom updates can be quick, easy and inexpensive DIY projects to enhance the existing features of your bathroom. A bathroom update can include projects such as painting, changing fixtures, hardware and installing a new curtain. Bathroom updates are ideal for homeowners who wish to maintain the layout and functionality of their bathrooms. Some would consider these things just basic home maintenance that you do over time so your home doesn’t get outdated.

A remodel may have a higher budget and a longer timeline. It may take weeks or even months to complete some projects. Remodeling projects are usually completed by professionals in accordance with local building codes. It may include:

  • Shower or tub refinishing or replacement
  • Addition of a stand-alone bathtub
  • Installing seamless Glass Paneling
  • Add an extra shower head or sink
  • Installing new ventilation systems
  • Relocating electrical or plumbing features
  • Tiling shower walls, backsplashes and the shower itself

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Quick DIY bathroom updates

Now that we talked about the difference between bathroom updates and total renovations, we can move on. Here is a list of 9 quick and easy bathroom updates that are perfect for DIYers.

1. Paint the walls

A fresh coat of paint can make your bathroom appear clean and brand new. Being able to paint the walls whatever color you want is one of the biggest benefits of buying over renting. For your morning routine, choose a shade like white, ivory or cream that reflects the most natural light. Soft pinks can be used to give you a flush of color that is flattering without using blush.

Bright, bold wall colors can cast an unflattering reflected image on your skin. Blues will make your under eye circles look bigger or bring out any blemishes, while greens will give you an unhealthy pallor. It is best to choose a light, neutral color that will appeal to both you and potential buyers.

Find popular primers and paints that are mold resistant at your local home improvement shop. Primer will prevent paint from peeling. A primer will seal and bond the paint to the walls, preventing moisture from penetrating through and separating them.

2. Install beadboard or wainscoting

The walls of a bathroom can be transformed by adding texture and dimension. With the right materials and tools, you can quickly and easily install beadboard or wainscoting around the bottom of the room. Look for beadboard panels or wainscoting that is already prepared.

3. Paint the cabinets

For a more modern look, paint vanity cabinets and built-ins gray, smoky or eucalyptus. Under-sink cabinets can be a great place to add a bright color to your bathroom. You won't be able to see it in the mirror. Contact paper can be applied to the interior of cabinets for a little extra flair and pattern.

4. Upgrade your bath fan

Replace your noisy bath fan with one that is quieter or that can reduce humidity by wicking moisture away from bathroom surfaces. Bath exhaust fans can cost between $15 and $200, and include LED lights and heaters. Bluetooth speakers are also available.

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5. Replace the shower head, faucet and hardware

Replace your shower head to instantly make your bathroom look new. Don't forget these things when you change bathroom hardware.

  • Shower rings or hooks
  • Towel rings or racks
  • Shower rod
  • Toilet paper holders
  • Drawer pulls
  • Cabinet knobs
  • Mirror frame
  • Toilet flushing lever
  • Tub spout
  • Shower handle
  • Tub stopper
  • Sinkhole covers

Match finishes of hardware with the same function or in the same space. Replace old hardware or any that clashes with the new theme and colors. Select styles with similar shapes or finishes (such as metals and textures).

6. Change light fixtures

Does the light over your shower and vanity mirror cast an unflattering orange or blue glow? It may only take a few new light bulbs in a compatible wattage to solve the problem. Replace the fixture if it casts shadows that are distracting or dark around the room.

7. Restore old hardware by cleaning and painting it

You don't need to replace old hardware if you like its shape. For as little as $30, you can revive it. Remove the hardware from its original location, and clean it with steel wool. You can paint them bronze if you wish to switch from silver. Rust-Oleum, for example, has products that protect bathroom hardware against rust.

8. Upgrade to reusable containers

Reusable pumps for shampoo, conditioner and soap will enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Put products such as cotton swabs, hygiene items and other household items into reusable containers instead of storing them in the original packaging. You can then recycle both plastic and cardboard packaging.

new shower curtain

9. Install a new shower curtain

A shower curtain, like a large painting, can add texture, color and pattern to your bathroom. Buy a white textured shower curtain to keep your bathroom bright and light. Transparent curtains are a good option if you do not have a window or light in your shower. Pair a fabric curtain with a vinyl lining. Liners that are resistant to mildew will reduce waste and make cleaning easier.

To complete the bathroom makeover, change out other fabrics such as towels and bath mats.

In conclusion

Transforming your bathroom doesn't have to be an expensive or time-consuming endeavor. By focusing on easy DIY updates, homeowners can significantly enhance the appearance and functionality of their bathrooms without the need for a full remodel. From painting walls and cabinets to upgrading hardware and installing new shower curtains, each of the nine suggested home updates offers a practical and affordable way to breathe new life into your bathroom. Whether you're looking to make small changes or give your space a fresh new look, these DIY projects prove that with a little effort and creativity, you can achieve dramatic results and create a bathroom that feels brand new.


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